The World of Inscighdte

"I wouldnít want to be a member of a club that would take me as a member."
- Groucho Marx

"Give peace a chance."
- John Lennon

The world has changed since the old religions were made. The rules of those days still apply, but really were written for small communities.
Now we are living in a world that is totally controlled by humanity.
We have to take care of that world and to make it survive we need additional commandments. If you're faced with having to make a decision, first decide if you need to make a decision. (Check with the King) Then run through these steps first.
You'll make better decisions for yourself, for mankind, and for the world

The New Ten Commandments

1. Things are always changing (change is constant)
2. First do no irreversible harm
3. Consider the cost of action through the entire chain
4. Look for efficiencies
5. Moderation
6. Communicate
7. Look for fairness from both points of view
8. Cooperate
9. Allow individual freedoms to an extreme if they do not harm others
10. You are personally responsible for your actions on public knowledge