About vanhemmen.org

Inscighdte is a combination of the words "inside", "incite", and "insight." It is the title of a book being written by my father. Most the writing on this site is done by him (with the exception of this page), but I did all the formatting, web design, and html.

Some material on this site is parody (Marxist-Lennonism,) but most of it is meant to be helpful (New Ten Commandments). You can probably figure out which is which.

The pictures on the site are all family pictures. The "captain" that shows up every now and then is my great-grandfather, and was a chief engineer, not a captain. (It looks like he has four stripes, but he really has three and a half.)

The html was written using only notepad. Hosting is provided by omnis.com.

E-MAIL: rik@vanhemmen.org